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Tools needed by an electro-technical officer (ETO)

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  • Tools needed by an electro-technical officer (ETO)

    Hello people,

    I am studying towards becoming an electro-technical officer. A question I have is, what tools are needed for a shore based electrical workshop for a passenger ferry company where the ferries have diesel propulsion, 2x 400V 3-phase 150kW generators with shore supply connections?
    Also, my second question is similar: what tools (both hand and power tools) are needed for a cruise liner's electrical workshop where the cruise liner has 33kV 6x 12500kW, has 2x azimuth drives, 1x fixed pod drive and 3x bow thrusters?

    It is for study and I am doing research on this. Answers and guidance are appreciated.

    Many thanks.
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    A multimete, Current clamp and other basic electrical devices.