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Reasons for using marine rubber airbag for ship launching and hauling

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  • Reasons for using marine rubber airbag for ship launching and hauling

    Many shipyards are using marine rubber airbags to increase shipbuilding & ship repair capacity due to their versatility. They can also be used as buoyancy bags for mobilisation of heavy equipment. This makes the product very cost effective in the long run. That's why we are seeing more and more shipyards even in the West pioneering the use of such technology.

    Clean and more Eco-friendly than Grease/Oiled Launching:
    Going green and keeping the environment from harm is a big focus these days. It helps that government/NGOs are seriously taking action to drastically reduce the use of grease launchings.

    Lower initial investment and more versatile costing:
    Launching with a dry-dock or rail is a feasible plan, but if one does not have a dry dock in the first place, building one requires a huge amount of investment. Good thing is the airbag launching setup equipments start with a smaller investment and is easily scalable. This is the reason many Asian shipyards are able to build & repair in massive scale without having to turn down businesses & stay extremely competitive without having to build costly docks/rails to increase their capacity.

    Suitable for many ship types:
    Mechanical launching using cranes can be used for small boats but unable to satisfy bigger sized vessels; bigger size vessels would be cost efficient for dry-docking but would not be wise in terms of budget for drydocking a smaller vessel. Time costs play a role here.

    It is safe to both the vessel and the operations people in the yard. The bags provide soft & flexible support to the hull and aids its launching motion into the water.

    Click image for larger version

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    What do you think? Do you think that shipyards in the West picking up in application of such method is a fad or this phenomenon will stay?
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