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Proposed Malacca Strait Bridge

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  • Kudrat
    commented on 's reply
    Thank you for the reply, may I have your name+your position, Company you are working, and as well as your email address,
    as a reference prove for my final year project as a Nautical student.. Thank you

  • raunekk
    In my opinion, it's one of the busiest straits in asia and the construction of a 129 KM bridge will definitely increase the navigational hazard for the ships plying in that area. It will also reduce the speed and affect the ETA of the ships. I think, as per the proposed bridge plan, it will be difficult for mega container ships with higher number of container stacks, to transit in that area.
    The other implication of this bridge will be on the coastal shipping specially on ferries and boats which are currently connecting Dumai and Sumatra.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Kudrat
    started a topic Proposed Malacca Strait Bridge

    Proposed Malacca Strait Bridge

    Hello. Regarding to the proposed Malacca Strait Bridge that will connect Dumai in Sumatera, Indonesia with Malaysia someday, what are the possible problem(s) & implication(s) will the shipping company that use Malacca Strait face after the bridge is constructed? Are the construction linking the two region will bring more good or harm to the shipping wise?