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    Hello I have completed my voyages as deck cadet (1year ) in crude oil tankers in 1 year I will be third mate.I am currently 21 years old.But I would like to go in lng vessels for 2 reasons
    1.they are the summit ,I mean lng are the future of the sea.Little by little gas is replacing oil plus the contracts there are 3 months.
    2.As I said previously the contracts there are 3 months or 4 months which I believe are quite logical in contrast with the other contracts in other type of vessels in my country companies.
    for instance in tankers contracts start from 6 months until 9 months.6 months for me its too much to stay on board and most companies in my country will not accept a 3 month contract in tankers.
    My company has only 2 lng vessels and since I have worked in crude oil tankers they will probably decline my proposal for entry there
    So I am forced to go in another company currently there are like 4 lng companies in my country I can go there for an interview face to face
    Now my real question since its bad to change company and do not continue with the same shall I say the true to the stuff there
    that 1.I can work on board 3 months and give my whole love and strength for the job but after that time period I start to decline cause of mental fatigue.
    2.lngs are the future and the summit for admirals
    I afraid that they might find it silly that I can work on board only 3 months and they might not take me seriously what is your opinion about that?
    Thank you for reading my post

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    @ Yeplamseaman:

    - With the current market situation, it's difficult to get a job in LNG ships for a junior officer with experience in oil tankers. better don't leave your current job unless you are sure of getting a new one in other company.

    - LNG are the future but it's not going to change the fate of other ship types...Oil tankers, bilkers and containers will be going to remain as popular as they are today, even after next 10 year.