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I need some help please.

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  • I need some help please.

    Sir, I'm a 3rd year student pursuing Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. So, I want to know a few things:

    1. What do I do after completing my diploma?

    3-Year lateral entry to Marine Engineering?
    Is there any other course?

    2. What is this sponsorship and where can I apply for it? Please tell me everything about this part.

    3. After my diploma, is there any entrance exam that i have to appear for?

    4. With reference to your answer for 1, please recommend me some colleges where those courses are available.

    Thank You. All these are very important for me to know because I'm adamant to join the shipping industry. I don't want to waste much time as COVID-19 has already affected my studies. Any help will be appreciated.

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    I suggest you to continue education by either choosing the option of engineering degree, B Tech or any other post diploma courses. Engineering sector is all about personal growth, knowledge and experience. The more experienced and educated you are in your field, the more bright chances will be waiting for you in future. Don’t think of doing a job at this stage. Your educational qualification is not as good as it needs to be for a dream job at this stage.

    As far as courses are concerned, you may choose any courses of your interest for engineering degree or B Tech. After getting degree in mechanical engineering you will have many options for jobs. You can get job offers from mechanical, production, automobile, food, construction, power plant or cement industries etc.