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Two seafarers getting Married, Oppurtunities ?

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  • Two seafarers getting Married, Oppurtunities ?

    Hello Respected Members ,

    I am third officer in a container liner company. On my last ship I found a girl 5/Engineer. We found each other compatible as life partner. Now as we both signed off we are planning to get married next month.
    my question to be discussed on this forum: Is it advisable to announce our marital status to company so that in future we can join on same ship ?
    is there any specific company rules that signifies that husband and wife can’t sail together on same ship ?
    please advise.

    thanks a lot !

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    Amar Srivastava Congratulations

    Yes, you should declare your marital status. It will be difficult to get the desired openings on the same ship but you never know. It has happened earlier -

    It will entirely depend on the company whether to send the couple on the same ship. As far as I know, there are no such rules in a good company.


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      Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion !