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Sea Women, gender discrimination

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  • Sea Women, gender discrimination

    Hi my name is Jose Vasquez, I'm from Venezuela. My girlfriend study to work on a ship, obtaining the highest qualifications.
    She made one year like a engine cadet. In that time, she met a many good people who helped her adapted to work on board, but also met two people who denied that a woman could work in a ship. Unfortunately it was two chief engineer.
    Since the first moment they made it clear that she would not get the job, because the woman are only for cooking and cleaning the house. That was obviously offensive and more in this times where the rights of the woman certified they are the same as us.
    They qualifications on board only came at the end and they never were taught before. So she finished the cadet time without hope to embark like official.
    She made the pertinent complaints in the company but they said they can't help her, even against its own regulations.
    After that these company offered her another time as a cadet with the conditions that if she got good grades they could hire her as a fourth engineer.
    She made again a time as cadet obtaining the highest rating and support from both chief's and captains who were at the time.
    After that and again the company denied her the opportunity to work, violating his own regulations.
    I want to know what we can do. To whom or which organization that oppose and fights against the women's rights violations can we contact.
    In this country the right's of the seawomen are violating all the time
    I would also to know how she can do to apply in another company.
    Thank you very much for your attention

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    alag She can approach ITF for such treatment-
    You can also approach for assistance

    If you have any local/national seafarer association, they might be of help too. She can approach any other company referencing her past sailing records.

    We wish you luck to both of you.