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Colour blindness for engineers

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  • Colour blindness for engineers

    Please help me. I want to do GME course. It took 3years to reach this point. And now when i am finally here.. i am not able to read ishihara book. Please help me.i am depressed. Even I've heard that there is nothing related to colours in engine department. I have very very mild colour blindness. I can read numbers. But not able to trace some few curved lines. If any how i complete my GME course.. are there any chances that shipping companies will hire me? . Please help me.

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    vikiee6199 Ishara is considered to be an important pre-joining test for the marine engineer.
    Engine room is filled with different pipelines which are color coded, hence Ishara test is considered important for engineers too.
    The degree of colorblindness may vary between deck and engine department. Please check once with a DG shipping approved doctor.


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      Sir. Do you think i will be eligible if i have very mild colour deficiency? . I don't want to step back at any cost... And i checked with DG approved doctor. He said colour blind is not acceptable . What do you think sir!


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        Actually, the chances are slim. For example, the color of burner flame, pipeline markings, the wiring in panels and many more. If you press the wrong thing, who knows what will happen.