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    My brother is a 3rd Officer and i am always afraid about him.

    The risk of piracy is very high.

    No one is taking right step..

    I know how bad i feel when i came to know about 6 sea farers being kidnapped in Nigeria.

    Just think about their relatives

    Pirates will torture them day and night.

    In my opinion Seafarers should make a unite decision that they will not supply any goods to any country where piracy takes place..

    Plz guys make a reply as this is the problem faced by all of us...

    Piracy is increasing in West Africa also....

    Plz reply guys...plz as this is our problem and we have to solve it

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    Abhash Singh Very Genuine thought. Yes, Risk of piracy has been troubling noble seafarers from decades. Unfortunately, with the job crisis and bad business, seafarers are not in the position to dictate terms. The ship route and cargo decision is not in hand of the seafarers. The best option currently is to have security onboard. Again, all companies do not provide additional guards as the cost is very high. The work must be by unions like ITF and MUI/NUSI to talk to shipping companies and IMO must take strict action in safeguarding seafarers from the risk of piracy


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      Piracy somehow has become a concern. But seafarers do not have the authority to make those decisions. Instead, companies and crew can help reduce and prevent piracy. ShipLoc, which is a satellite system, allows shipping companies to monitor the location of their ships which can help if pirates attack. Also, International Maritime Organization regulations require ships to be able to send distress signals and warnings covertly in case of piracy.