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Zero experience and Zero qualifications?

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  • Zero experience and Zero qualifications?

    Hello everybody,

    I recently graduated from university studying logistics, which is seemingly far from on-vessel careers, however next month i will be taking my basic safety training and hoping to start seafaring, i have no idea what else is needed from me, i am sure it would be hard for me to compete against more qualified candidates. so basically my question is what are the minimum qualifications required for me to get started working on a cargo ship? i can also speak 3 languages fluently does that help? also what position would i be looking for when first starting?

    much appreciated

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    First of all what department do you want or desire to be in , navigation(deck),catering(galley) and engineering(engine room) .then get to know whether to start as a rating or trainee officer(cadet) which you need a Bsc or Diploma to work onboard as a trainee officer for rating you need marine vocational diploma as well but some shipping companies accept apprentice/trainee rating with minimum qualifications with Basic safety courses,seaman book,passport,yellow fever card,seafarers medical certificate,high school diploma to start as trainee wiper/wiper in engine room,trainee OS/OS for deck and messman/steward for catering department.


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      thanks for the response, a deck rating sounds good, if there are opportunities for future development, can i become an officer given the time and knowledge to become one? without having a nautical diploma, instead a lot of courses and experience?

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    Yes you can become an all depends on you and knowledge and experience you gain onboard.