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Regarding GME eligibility

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  • Regarding GME eligibility

    I wanted to enquire whether i am eligible for the course of GME.
    I am doing BE in Automobile Engg from Mumbai University. Mumbai University provides equivalence certificate for Automobile Engg equivalent to Mechanical Engg for various post grad courses which is under the norms from AICTE.Also the portion is same till the third year for both fields only the last year 1-2 subjects are different.So i wanted to enquire if i am eligible for the GME course from your institute using this equvalence certificate of BE in Automobile equivalent to BE in mechanical.?
    Thank you for your help.
    Please i have searched for almost 6 months now for a satisfactory answer haven't got yet hope to get one soon.

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    Hi Onkar,

    Yes. As per DG shipping Circular- Automation engineering graduate is eligible for GME course. Please find the attahced document.
    Attached Files


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      Thank you Sir for your response but is Automobile and Automation the same? because on the site of IMS Goa in the FAQ's they have written no to automobile engg for the course of GME whereas some of my marine engg friends said that if i can produce an equivalent certificate for automobile engg equivalent to mechanical engg from the University that be valid for my it the case Sir? Thank you for taking out the time to respond to our queries day in day out.


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        No, these are two different streams. Also, if your university provides an equivalent to mechanical engg, then you need not worry. I will recommend you to contact the institute directly and ask the requirement telling your credentials


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          Thank you Sir for a really satisfactory response and your time.