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    Respected Sir
    I went through your site and found it very interesting and useful. sir i would love to know a lot about B.Sc nautical science that i am about to join on July 22nd at AMET university Chennai.
    Sir to be honest with you I took biomath as my plus two course and i passed it with 92%. i wanted to become a doctor (a general passion which got onto me due to society cum parents influence) but later when i searched the internet for B.Sc courses, i came to know about nautical science. i read a lot about it (actually the wonderful things about this course alone), I was rejuvenated and thrilled. it offered adventure, risky (minimal as per i have read) and at the same time it DEFINED ME!!! for me this job seems to be the one that makes me to step out of my comfort zone and just go for it...... that is the only reason why i decided to take this course as my future profession.

    but sir unfortunately, when i went through the yours blog and site, and various posts that has been posted by several people, i don't know what to think. so i would like to ask a few questions to you, and do please reply as soon as possible as my future is solely in your hands.....

    1. the university that i have mentioned above (AMET)is it really good for maritime studies?
    students who have learned there has mixed feeling about the institute. some esp. those who passed out as marine engg. are not satisfied with the institute's placement and all. whereas some others have said that only those with talent and dedicated which get placed.... (which made me happy to hear). and it even has Maersk too....
    so i decided to move forward and not to take the negative compliments with me as it is not about nautical science and all and based on the positive comments.

    but still is the university good in terms of placement for nautical science, in its quality education, standards, ragging free, and all?

    2. second thing i am entirely worried about is a post which i saw in your site posted by a seafarer.
    let me ask you sir, is seafarer a general term for all deck officers?

    and to the question, he posted that if you don't get placement or job while you are learning or if you don't have anybody in your family as a seafarer, then it is going to be difficult for you to find a job and that we have to spend a lot to find a job. is any of this true?

    3. i also learned that seafarer job is not that easy, and all. how hard can it really get sir? i mean if there is proper salary (like a minimum of one lakh),and a few days off like to spend some time in the place where our vessel is, with one or two insurance, then tax-less salary sir i am ready to take any challenge sir.
    but do you think that as a seafarer/ deck officer (who learned nautical science) will have to face more difficulties than this depending upon the shipping company, and situations?

    MOREOVER, i am a person who hates to come home!! and a person who wishes to travel a lot, have some adventure and all. so even if there is no leave i am ready and okay about it if they pay me well . so am i apt for this sir? diploma in NS same as M.Sc in NS?
    please explain in detail.

    5. do recommend in case if AMET is not good, other maritime universities.
    (but i hope its really good).

    6. please tell me the future scopes like higher studies in nautical science. also will the salary change accordingly?
    do tell me the process which is included in the higher studies.

    7. does captain an end profession of nautical science or is there's even a higher rank?

    8. and sir if you dont mind, please do tell me some extra things which i might have forgotten to ask you sir.

    please please help me.

    yours faith fully,

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    LIJO M
    1. AMET is considered to be a good institute among the private establishments.

    2. "Seafarer" is a terminology used for seagoing professional. It includes - deck officer, engineer officer, ship ratings etc.
    Job scenario currently not that great and freshers are finding it difficult to get placed on their own. Perform better and get placed by your college

    3. This job is not easy. Salary will depend on the company and type of ship. Initially, you will be getting stipends (20-30k). Seafarers face different challenges in the job on the ship, no matter he is from deck or engine side.

    4. MSc is post graduation. Search difference between BSc and MSc.

    5. Answered in 1.


    7. Captain is the highest rank on board ship

    8. Use search box in marine insight


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      I am a mechanical engineer (B.Tech.) working as a confirmed engine room operator for 6 years in an FPSO vessel. I have not written any maritime exam. What category do I belong - 3rd or 4th engineer? If none, how do I become such and what process in involved? What useful trainings, certifications, courses and books/softwares related to ships engine room can I use to develop myself and grow? What are the good engine room certification courses available? Thanks.
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