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Eyesight Requirements UK - Clearing the Air

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  • Eyesight Requirements UK - Clearing the Air

    On many forums online, many people are telling people you simply need 6/6 unaided vision for a career in the Merchant Navy as a deck officer. Let me tell you now, if you live in the UK, this is not the case. I have the "Seafarer Medical Examinations Medical Eyesight Standards" document here. If you currently do NOT wear glasses, you must indeed have 6/6 vision to be accepted HOWEVER if you do wear any visual aids, you are allowed a 6/60 eyesight in both eyes, provided when aided (with glasses) at least ONE eye is 6/6. The other eye aided has to be a minimum of 6/12.

    To back this up, I have a friend who is currently a deck cadet with SSTG (Ship Safe Training Group) in the UK, and has wore glasses since he was a child and quotes his eyesight without them as "terrible".

    The medical you need to pass every two years is called ENG 1.

    I feel too many people's hopes are being squandered unnecessarily about a career as a deck cadet.

    I can't speak for any deck cadet hopefuls outside the UK, however as far as I'm aware, these regulations are written to base international standards. Please do not hesitate to let me know if I am wrong, and feel free to ask for the link to the pdf of the documents used to gather my information.

    Thanks for reading,


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    Yes, the rules would change from country to country. Thanks Oliver for the information.