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Can you join the Merchant navy with Crohns disease?

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  • Can you join the Merchant navy with Crohns disease?

    I’m writing on behalf of my Son, He’s 24 and very fit and regularly trains and plays football, He has an amazing zest for life, unfortunately he has crohns disease, he’s treated regular with an intravenous infusing, roughly 6-8 weeks for a one hour treatment…The question is…does this affect him joining the merchant Navy?

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    nickarn It will entirely depend on the condition of the disease. As you mentioned he needs a regular treatment, he is most probably not eligible for joining a ship- Imagine he is on ship sailing mid sea and develops a severe such treatment is not available on ship, it will be a complicated situation. The eligibility again depend on the occurrence and even with the disease a person can join a ship but within coastal waters.He/she is not eligible for international waters sailing.


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      Ok I see...but you say "most prob not"...would it better to seek advice to get a definite answer?


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        nickarn Of course. It's always good to get a second opinion. I say " Most prob not" as I am not exactly aware of the health condition. As said, it will entirely depend on the severity but looking at the required interval of treatment, I highly doubt your son is eligible.
        Please check the list of DG shipping approved doctor who can guide you on this matter: