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What is Savings Pattern for Seafarers?

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  • What is Savings Pattern for Seafarers?

    Good Day to All readers,

    I am actually an engine cadet who is still studying at school (still not yet embarked) and will be embarking soon a few months from now actually. In our research subject, we are tasked to research about something that is related to our field of profession and I chose this topic entitled "Savings Pattern of Seafarers". I am writing this because I want to have a valid statement and information from seafarers who are visiting this site. I will use your feedback/s as my reference for my research. I do hope you understand.

    Have you ever wondered what is actually a Savings Pattern for seafarers? What do you think does it mean? What is its benefits to seafarers who apply it? Can someone explain it to me briefly and its background? An experienced-seafarer's informative feedback would be very helpful. Imagine that this is a new topic in this forum. Would you mind if someone introduce this topic to other readers? You may also add the problems that some seafarers experience when saving money and also the patterns of most seafarers when it comes to saving money.

    Please feel free to share your knowledge regarding this topic. This topic is open for discussion. (2Feb2016)

    Thank you and have a good day ahead.

    Gerard V. Santua
    Engine Cadet

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    EngineCadetSantua You can check few interesting articles from our financial expert Mr Rajeeve kaushik, who happens to be an ex-Cheif engineer:

    Though articles target Indian seafarers, the guiding points highly insist on saving while sailing.


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      Thank you!

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    Oh, good descriptions of your news about saving pattern. I'm doing some recent commenting and survey forecasting, I managed to have a great post to read about special saving pattern for seafarers and I'm happy. I'd like to know your thoughts about professional engineering for this year - it's interesting suggestion and, of course, I want to have an advice for my experienced-seafarer's informative in future.


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      Thank you for the information.


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        Thanks for the is very useful for the seafarers


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