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    somebody please tell me about the fuel pump shock absorber?

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    In MAN B&W pumps A flange on the back of the pump housing is fitted with a shock absorber which neutralizes the shock caused when the plunger uncovers the cut-off holes at the end of each delivery stroke.
    A relief valve is fitted in Wartsila /Sulzer pumps.


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      so through the shock absorber only fuel will go to spill port??


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        There are several ways to test a fuel pump. If expect it to be dead, the easiest way is to listen for a buzzing noise from the tank area when you roll the key to the on position.

        if no noise is heard, you can try gently rapping the fuel tank while trying to start the car. Doing this send vibrations through the tank causing the rotor to slightly turn, making contact with the brushes.

        If you really want to get technical, a fuel pressure gauge is needed. Newer cars have fuel pressure sensor, but an expensive($4500 at least) scan tool is needed for that. The fuel pressure gauge will connect between fuel line and the fuel rail(or carburator).

        A good guage will also give you the ability to perform a volume test. The pump should pump a certain amount per minute or hour. That spec can be hard to find however.

        The final way I know of is to use an ammeter. Using this you can determine if a fuel pump is drawing more electricity than it should. This info can tell you if the pump is working to hard whether becuase of a blockage in the fuel system or from internal degradation. Online Dissertation Help UK